To risk is to discover, to discover is to live, to live is to be in the moment
- Bruce Burnett

Suspense Thriller Novel

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About Me

I grew up in Oregon playing baseball, working in the fields and the forest as well as learning everything I could about the world. I had dreams of seeing it someday. From a young age, I asked questions about everything. That led me to study hard, to look outward, and to become a scientist challenging everything along the way, sometimes to my detriment. But the one thing that always brought me solace was writing short stories, poetry, novels and screenplays. Writing was a way of looking inward and understand how I perceived the world.

So here I am in the third quarter of life. I've helped raise four children, my sons, traveled to four of seven continents, and seen beautiful as well as some horrible things. I've also married the woman of my dreams, tender and caring in everything she does. Now its time for all of the stories to get out, to have life in your mind as they have in mine. I hope these stories challenge you, entertain you, bring emotion to the surface, but most of all, I hope what I write inspires you in some small way.