Psychological Thrillers

The Lamb
Joshua Adon is a special child with unusual abilities, feeling and sensing things that other people can't. Strange and miraculous occurrences stalk him throughout life. As an adult, he becomes a professor at Harvard and receives a vial of blood from a collaborator in Israel who believes it to contain the blood of Christ stored for over two millennia by his followers. After performing DNA fingerprinting, Dr. Adon finds the DNA from the blood exactly matches his own. Soon the story is out setting in motion a chain of events that could destroy Josh, his family and the world. In the aftermath of terrorist attacks and war, America is controlled by an administration that dangerously mixes politics and religion. Now they want Josh. As the world spirals toward Armageddon, man needs a savior and Josh may be the one.
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Dr. Charles Addle, a well-known neuroscientist from the University of Washington, has just gone through a divorce. He’s lost his children, his reputation and his confidence. The man who was Charlie is used up. A night on the town with his closest friends seems like the ticket for renewal to forget his troubles. Something, however, has gone terribly wrong with Charles Addle. He wanders into a nightclub covered in blood after his night on the town muttering he just killed his friends. One problem, no one can find the bodies. Dr. Roger Werner, the head of Psychiatry at Seattle West Psyche and a specialist in piecing together shattered minds, is charged with helping to reconstruct the night to find Charlie’s friends. Haunted by his past, Werner must battle his own demons to discover the truth. What Werner finds could kill him.
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For My Bride (Coming Soon)
Before my wife Sherry and I were married, I wanted to give her something to remember the times we had together while we were dating and engaged. This book of poetry, compiled and written while we fell in love, was just that, a time capsule of our time before marriage.